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Sun Ray server upgrade…

July 14, 2006

The Solaris 10 server is being upgraded to update 2 on Saturday. Now when we moved to Sun Ray there was much moaning that the servers would not be reliable enough and would be being rebooted all the time.

 : FSS 1 $; uptime   5:06pm  up 219 day(s),  7:26,  218 users,  load average: 9.15, 9.29, 9.36 : FSS 2 $; 

I thought not at the time and I was right.

It has 103 distinct Sun Ray users on the host which does not seem to have bothered it.

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  1. Mikael Gueck permalink

    What are the specs on that server?

  2. It is two thirds of a Sunfire F4900. The other third is our NFS server. Ebusy as it is called has two 1.2GHZ dual core cpu boards (so it has 16 cores) and one I/O boat. It boots of a pair of D240 disk trays and has gigabit networking. It has 64GB of memory.

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