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Naked Cyclist

July 8, 2006

More about that bike ride. Just feel sorry for every one I meet. At least you don’t have to read still more about Hubert Arbes, you can just move on now.

Here is me standing under the Naked Cyclist on the Tourmalet with the cup we won. This is the day after the ride obviously otherwise I would be wearing silly clothes. (No comments on that please, I already know).

The Café at the top has some of the bikes that were ridden up there in the early tours. No gears, well two really and you had to take the wheel out and reverse it to change gear. Not the best Coffee I’ve ever had though.

It also has a bike that has a strange gear system were to get the low gear you pedal backwards. I kid you not.

Worth the trip. I’m left wondering why I did not take a picture.

Here is one of the instruments of torture from the climb. There is one every kilometer all the way up. That it is only 6% for the next km is not a good thing as that means it will be steeper later. One thing though was while doing the climb I was unable to calculate the average incline to the top just could not get my brain to work. This is not actually one that caused me suffering as it was on the descent.

And then the view from the top. Again not on the day of the ride. There was none of that cloud when we rode up. This is the side we descended.


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One Comment
  1. Certainly an area of France I ought to visit – looks very nice. If you don’t mind I will walk up the hill rather than pedal push myself up…

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