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Twofer Tandem Photo

June 25, 2006

Just look at the twofer Tandem that Geoff photographed here. Now there a plenty of odd tandems that have been built but this ones unique selling point is that it appears that it can be steered from both seats. Both pairs of handlebars look like they move and are linked.

So when riding alone you could ride it from the back! Well I would have to try that.

On the other hand riding two up with someone who turns left when you turn right could be exciting. I can quite see why this did not catch on.

There are other photos in there that hark back to a time when computers memory was something that was precious!

Thanks Geoff.

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  1. alecm permalink

    when a computer’s memory *was* precious?
    sigh – there speaks a modern software engineer.

  2. It is true. I can’t imagine hom much RAM you could fit in that space now but it would be measured in Giga bytes or Tera bytes.
    Now a gigabyte of memory is still precious (actually even a few K is precious) but not to the same degree as then.
    That picture represents less than a page of memory and we have just implemented large pages as small ones were too small. It would have dictated choices that we simply no longer see now.

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