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Open Letter to Steven Gerrard

June 16, 2006

After last nights game I have to write an open letter to Steven Gerrard:

Dear Steven,

I suspect like me you are fed up with people asking if we are related despite the fact that our names are spelt differently but we will just have to live with this.

Great goal last night. However I would suggest that you change your training regime so that you do your shooting practice at the beginning of the session and not at the end. You are actually allowed to score in the first half and although I understand and appreciate that by leaving scoring to the last possible moment you increase the enjoyment of neutral fans by keeping the game on a knife edge.

However since we have a knife amnesty at the moment this is another knife edge that we would be happy to be handed in.

I know from your F.A. Cup final performance that you are keen to give the fans value for money by playing an extra half an hour. Again I applaud you for your professionalism and dedication but can assure you we would be quite happy with only 90 minutes of play where England are in front from the first minute to the last.


Chris Gerhard

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One Comment
  1. Excellent weblog Chris. I am not a football fan but watched the second half and your comments sum up the
    game with great humor.

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