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Todays Ride…

June 11, 2006

A bit of bike porn first. This is the new rear axle for my Campagnolo Record hub from (approximately) 1984. The new axle is actually for a hub that had a seven speed block and is slightly longer and will require the rear forks to be flexed outward to accommodate it. I should also allow me to put a seven speed block on the thing which will help as they are easier to source than the old 6 speed one I have.

Alas the picture does not do it justice as a piece of engineering the details of it having “BREV INT. CAMPAGNOLO” written on it where once installed it will never be seen is lost. Sorry.

I needed it as when I went to replace the block on my old tourer, on removing the quick release skewer I noticed that the axle appeared to be bent. Further investigation showed it had actually broken. I am still amazed that Deeside were able to get a replacement.

The new axle cost a quarter of the amount the original pair of wheels did when I had them made. I recall I was on a quest for a pair of wheels that would not suffer broken spokes when doing heavy touring in alpine areas. For the first time Pearsons suggested Stainless spokes so I ended up with a 40 spoke rear (four cross on the freewheel side, three cross on the other) and a 32 spoke front with single butted spokes all connected to the fantastic Mavic “Module E” rims The downside of this is it makes the rear wheel a nightmare to clean but 20 years on I’ve still not had a broken spoke. Shame about the axle!

Today’s Ride

Out via Byfleet and over Newlands Corner, then over to Albury then Godalming. Then we got all adventurous and looped around back to Shere via Bramley. I say adventerous as it involved going up another road that was new to me. Oddly this joined the same road that was new to me from a few weeks back. Ended up with 66 miles on the clock which given this weeks events is probably a good thing I was not given a free reign to make it a 90 miler.

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