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Cycling in the press

June 7, 2006

It seems the Independent is running some articles on cycling today.

This one made me laugh out load for this quote:

Yesterday, Mr Havers was in no mood to signal a thaw in relations. Speaking from his car on a mobile phone, he said: "I absolutely hate cyclists. If they use the roads for free and they don’t have to pay any tax, they must obey the rules”

The ignorance. Last time I checked I paid a lot of tax. Then the irony of Mr Havers speaking from his car on a mobile phone. I do hope he was not driving. Don’t start me on the 90% on drivers who admit to speeding or comparing the numbers killed by motorists and cyclists. Even with Red light jumping, something I don’t condone, cyclists are simply not the problem.

The articles I have found are:

How Nigel Havers incurred wrath of bicycling readers

Revolution! Britain embraces the bicycle

Via Alec

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  1. Gavin permalink

    “made me laugh out load” – you mean atomically, or was it side-splitting?

  2. Yup I should not post quick entries…

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