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New Fastest time for this year.

June 3, 2006

Got home 58"51′ yesterday giving and average speed of 21.4mph according to my old speedometer and 21.79mph with the new. The new speedometer or wheels have increased the reported distance to 21.27 miles hence the discrepancy.

Why so fast?

  1. Half term. There was not a big tail wind and I got stopped at a lot of lights but overall the first section around Frimley was nearly traffic free allowing me to keep a good speed along the Frimley bypass.

  2. Motivation. I had a conference call that due to the wonders of timezones was not at 3pm as I had in my calendar but at 5pm. So I wanted to do this at home as it would run on. However since I had some things to do in the office before I left this meant I was down to the wire for the call. If I could get home in an hour (a real hour not a cycle computer hour which stops when I do) then I would not be late. I ended up two minutes late which irritated me as I hate being late but I was not last by a long chalk.

As there is nothing I can do about the traffic I can see I will have to work on my motivation.

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