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Shimano recall front quick releases

May 19, 2006

Shimano have recalled the quick releases on some, well quite a lot of it’s front hubs. This includes both road and off road bikes:

Shimano has identified a potential safety issue concerning a “quick release” that is fitted to front wheels of certain road and off-road bicycles. In certain cases, it is possible that after the “quick release” is locked into position, the “quick release” axle* could fail or break spontaneously. If this happens during cycling, the cyclist may lose control of the bicycle, which could lead to serious injuries. As all Shimano products should meet the highest industry standards, as a precautionary measure, and in the interests of putting the safety of its consumers first, Shimano has decided to undertake a voluntary recall of all affected quick releases. The quick releases are normally supplied with certain Shimano hubs and Shimano wheels. A small number of quick releases may also have been supplied as spare parts.
Only ‘quick releases’ with a silver-plated axle* and purchased after 1 November 2005 are affected by this voluntary recall.

Since the consequence of a quick release failure would be potentially very dangerous if you have a new bike, wheel or hub it would be best to check before you do a face plant.

Full details from Shimano.

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