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Bike Marketing.

May 14, 2006

Just a great bit of marketing. Yesterday I received a parcel from Deeside Cycles that I had been expecting as I had ordered a new chains and cassettes for the triplet and my summer bike. So imagine my surprise when the box looked like this:

What is more this was a Carbon Crank set. Even as I saw it I knew the box contained the bits I had ordered and not the crank set but I could not help just hope. That I would have to contact Deeside and find out what was going on was not on my mind.

However opening the box revealed nothing more than 2 chains and 2 cassettes. Even if one of the cassettes is a record cassette. It’s left me craving the original contents of the box. Well the crank would be carbon, therefore black so would match the rest of the bike!

Even I’m not falling for that one.

At least the triplet is now fully operational again, no slipping in top gear. At lastI seem to have mastered the Power Link at last.

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One Comment
  1. Chris,
    Any suggestions for CAMPY ‘groups’ for a ‘CITY or CROSS’ bicycle.
    SHIMANO wares are widely available, however, CAMPY is the historic leader in ‘road’ appropriate products.
    Your response will receive strong consideration.

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