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SWRC Randonnee and Martin Johnson

May 7, 2006

The weather held and the ride was fantastic. Not quite as fast as last year but I still came in with computer showing 18.8mph due entirely to being with a youngster who pushed the pace along for the flatter sections. On the final climbs I was well and truly dropped and did not see him again until the finish. Still managed to do the last 20 miles in an hour which was exhausting but pleasing.

At the halfway check I got a text message asking me to be back home, well at the Rugby Club by 2:30 which gave me almost exactly 3 hours so I did not stop for a Cup of Tea instead pressing on with the youngster. I made it to the club at 2:10, in plenty of time to see my Son receive the prize for most improved player in the under 7 team. The prize was presented by Martin Johnson who had run the last training session of the season. (Unfortunately the picture is copyright so I can’t share.) Martin Johnson was really great signing anything for anyone.

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  1. ashley halsey permalink

    hi i think i was the youngster who pushed the pace along in the SWRC randonnee on sunday 7th may 2006, i was wearing my sigma sport kit and riding a silver carrera valour road bike. i was wit ha bunch of gus (rob from SWRC, Peter from kingston wheelers), i hope you did ok and hope to be in contact soon.

  2. I was clearly in survival mode as I don’t recall what anyone was wearing! I had the skeleton Top on on a Black Princpia. For a while there were two others with us on the way back who sounded like Americans but they got dropped.
    Anyway thanks for the tow.

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