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An excuse to weld.

May 6, 2006

The triplet has nearly done 2000 miles. I know this as it now slips in top gear so I checked the milage. I also had to check what kind of cassette it has so I can get a new one. I now know it is a 7 speed 11-34 “megarange” cassette (and have noted it down here for future reference). However discovering this was harder than it should have been but did have an up side.

It was harder as when I removed the rear wheel while it was on the workstand the whole thing toppled forward or would have it I had not caught it. On recovering this situation with the help of my daughter and getting the bike out I discovered that the weld that held one of the feet of the workstand was broken. Yes it was probably never intended for a triplet but the weld look like a very poor one to me, what should have been 3cm of weld was in fact only 1cm with the other 2cm showing signs of rust where it had never been joined.

Pity as I really liked that workstand. If only I had a welder in the back of the garage. As luck would have it I do have an old Arc welder in the back of the garage and a lack of excuses reasons to use it. Now I had a cast iron, well mild steel reason to use it on some metal that even I won’t burn holes through.

Fifteen minutes later and I can recall the buzz of learning to weld 20 years ago and the stand is as good as new. Well better in that it is stronger but worse in that some of the enamel is burnt off. Also I have a defence against the suggestion that the best place for the welder is Ebay!

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