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May 1, 2006

More April showers for our first 7am start of the year. This turned out being a short, 54 miles, but hilly route. Out via West Byfleet, Pyford then up to Newlands Corner then down to Shere. Then over the hill to Ewhurst and then looping back via Peaslake and back up Pitch Hill to the Lucky Duck in Shere for breakfast and a discussion of the Times Magazine article that is now online here. I’m still smarting about being “John the Goat”. I have to put up with being called “The Goat” which is somewhat embarrassing esp.ecially as everyone and their dog can go up hills faster than me.

One more rider joined us in the Lucky Duck, but when we left is was tipping down so we took the shortest route home and I was actually home early.

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  1. Safely Read?
    Like, whilst wearing a helmet, or something?

  2. There are always things put in books to make sure you are awake. Since the author of cyclecraft is one of the people behind
    I have no problem ignoring that section.
    For other readers (like there are any) this comment thread should have gone with:

  3. Now I have access to my copy of Cyclecraft I can safely say again: do what is says.
    On cycle helmets it says (Page 191) (any typos are mine):
    Cycle helmets differ from other safety aids in that they only attempt to limit the consequences of a crash. They do nothing to prevent a crash taking place; indeed, if not used properly or if their limitations are not appriciated, they may actually increase that risk.
    Helmet wearing by cyclist is a controversial and often emotional subject. It is important to keep the risk of head injury in perspective. Head injury when cycling is neither inevitable nor common, especially for people who learn to ride skillfullly. …..
    …. The life-saving value of helmets is sometimes overstated, whilst the real-life experience of contries where the wearing of helmets has become more common suggests that, overall, head injury reduction is minimal.

    I can’t see anywhere it saying wear a helmet in my 2002 edition.

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