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zpool upgrade on build 38

April 23, 2006

Now with build 38 on my laptop the first thing of note is that the ZFS pools give this warning:

: sigma IA 2 $; zpool status   pool: home  state: ONLINE status: The pool is formatted using an older on-disk format.  The pool can         still be used, but some features are unavailable. action: Upgrade the pool using ‘zpool upgrade’.  Once this is done, the         pool will no longer be accessible on older software versions.  scrub: none requested config:          NAME        STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM         home        ONLINE       0     0     0           c0d0s7    ONLINE       0     0     0  errors: No known data errors : sigma IA 3 $; 

I’ll not being doing the upgrade until I’m 100% certain that all is well on this build. It seems to be, this is being written on build 38 and uploaded over the wireless so that covers most of what I do on the laptop, should just check my email and compile some things to be sure. However caution says I should wait until I have upgraded to build 39, at which point I will have to remember to upgrade while running build 38 just in case there is another zpool upgrade in build 39.

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