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Editing the x86 mini root

April 11, 2006

The x86 mini-root is a gzip compressed UFS file system so if you find you need to edit it, to replace a file or edit /etc/system or any other thing here is how.

First make sure you are on an x86 system. UFS is not endian neutral.

 # gunzip  /tmp/mr.$$ # mount $(lofiadm -a /tmp/mr.$$) /mnt 

Now edit your files under /mnt.

 # umount /mnt # lofiadm -d  /tmp/mr.$$ # gzip  boot/x86.miniroot 

Korn shell assumed in the above.

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One Comment
  1. There’s an easier way of doing it with /boot/solaris/bin/root_archive pack|unpack

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