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Toshiba Tecra M2 hangs

March 23, 2006

Just had a bizarre one with my work laptop. On booting solaris it would not come up into multi-user but while it booted it flashed a message like this on the screen:

 WARNING: failed to program IO space [0/31/6] BAR@0x10 length 0x100 

I say like as I did not note it down well enough to be sure the numbers in the square brackets were those given but that string should be enough for google to help any one else who sees this.

Booting single user the reason for the hang become unexpectidy clear as when I ran ‘ifconfig -a’ the system hung a bit more diagnosis and the problem is narrowed down to the wired network interface.

Booting windows (spit) it came up but would not bring the wired interface up either, then Tim suggested that I reset the BIOS to Factory defaults. Nothing much to loose ther, I had not made any BIOS changes for months and those changes were there to support older versions of Solaris so should no longer be needed.

Did that and now the system has booted and is live upgrading to build 36 as I type.

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