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Summer Bike Out.

March 12, 2006

I have a rule, well a guide really that my summer bike does not get used until the clocks go forward. However today the temptation was too much. I won’t be able to use it to commute until the clocks change due to it being dark in the evenings.

So today I lifted it down with it’s new wheels, red tyres and thanks to my eldest daughter red handle bar tape. I think it looks stunning, but I need to get new bottle holders as the ones I have have lost all the spring so the bottle rattles around.

Todays ride just had three of us out and I was not going to return as I had to be at Guildford Rugby Club to see my son compete in a Rugby Festival.

We left Molesey via Hersham, West End, Cobham to Effinghmam junction and up onto the South Downs and down White Down. Then up through Hoolmbury St Mary and down to Cranleigh. Then looping around a bit (yes I don’t know exactly where we were) getting to the Cafe at Shere after forty miles.

After breakfast we spilt with one rider going straight home. I should apologize to him as he said in the Cafe that he had never been so tired on a bike ride. The cold makes riding harder but we did take a more challenging route and did it quicker due to the summer bike, sorry.

Me and the other did another loop around via Farley Green and Shamley Green before we split and I headed for the Rugby Club to get completely frozen.

It was a really good ride not least as the snow that fell was very very light and did not get any worse, something the Rugby Festival was thankful for as well.

As to the new wheels. I’m not disappointed which was always a risk as I loved the Rolf Vector Pros. In most aspects they appear to have the same characteristics as the Rolf’s, quick acceleration and fast at higher speeds. They win out in three areas.

  1. The Freewheel is silent. The Rolfs had the loudest freewheel ever, now I should not be freewheeling I know but sometimes you do and it would be really nice if the whole planet did not turn to see where the racket was coming from. With the Fulcrums no one will notice.
  2. The wheel and tyre combination seems to give much more positive cornering.
  3. The Colour combination is just great. The bike has never looked so good, despite the fact I loved the old “almost no spokes at all” look of the Vector Pros.

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  1. Chris,
    Your ‘pothole’ comment is the primary reason my ‘city’ bicycle will have novel suspension.
    Last year, I attempted to warn (arm wave) an oncoming rider BEFORE front wheel failure on his bicycle! TOO LATE!
    The following two (2) riders did avoid this forewarned ‘in progress’ road work.

  2. Alan Burlison permalink

    I saw this and instantly thought of you:
    Pimp my bike.
    I want to see the photos when *you* pimp your bike 😉

  3. Alan Burlison permalink

    And now with extra improved *valid* HTML, thank you roller for buggering up my URL.
    I saw this and instantly thought of you:
    I want to see the photos when *you* pimp your bike 😉

  4. Alas the lights on the wheels would not be legal in the U.K. and so will not be being fitted to my bike. Which is a shame as they look fun.

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