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It was not snowing when we left

February 26, 2006

As I have said before when cycling you have to get your excuses in early and today I was completely prepared. Yesterday, being my birthday, we had been out late so I had less sleep than is ideal. Also the temperature and wind were less than ideal. Then it started snowing. No one seemed the slightest bit interested in trying to ride 80 miles so we scaled back.

We headed off to Epson and up onto the Downs. Then down and up again to Walton-on-the-Hill, giving us a run at Pebble Coombe. Then down through Brockham, Newdigate, Capel, Ockley, Forest Green, Holmbury St Mary, Abinger Hammer and then Shere for breakfast. We saw plenty of riders riding the Redhill CC time trial which was riding the other way along the Holmbury road. In the conditions, did I mention that it was snowing, I was surprised by the number or riders using aero bars which would make those fast turns on the descents more exciting.

From the cafe at Shere we went the usual way home for a 58 mile ride.

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  1. that will be virtual cake… Sorry.

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