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More scsi dtrace

February 24, 2006

There was some interest in the scsi.d over in the dtrace forum on which resulted in Joel cntributing the code to handle 12 and 16 byte CDBS, I have since added support for some of the variable CDBs, mainly to show how it can be done since we don’t use them.

I’ve uploaded it here to save people having to Cut’n’Paste it from the forum.

It would be really cool to have a scsi provider for this but I can see no real way to get the return packets that is not either impractical, like putting probes in every HBA’s interrupt routine or a hack like tracing scsi_destroy_pkt which is how the script works.

If only the SCSA framework had included a scsi_call_pkt_comp() function for the HBAs to call rather then letting them call them directly but it does not so we are where we are. I can’t see a justification for adding this now since it is on the performance path.

Still for most cases this does seem to work pretty well.

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