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Redmon Reliability Run

February 5, 2006

Three from Molesey BBT started the Redmon Reliability Run. Described as 60 hilly miles riders were in three groups a 4 hours 15 minutes (slow) group a 4 hours (medium) group and (fast) 3 hours 45 minutes group. In theory this should allow all the riders to finish at the same time, in practice it does not. The 3 hours 45 minute group took 3 hours 20 minutes and some of the riders from the 4 hours 15 minute group took less than 3 hours 50 minutes.

The “slow” group immediately broke up on the first climb up to Banstead from Sutton with a faster group of about 10 riders going over Epson Downs and up onto Headley Heath. That group stayed together until the climb to Coldharbour but came together again on the descent and stayed together all the way to the Tea stop at the top of Coombe Bottom where we were caught but the “fast” group, when the “medium” group caught us I don’t know but we now had a group of about 20 going down to Cobham.

Disaster struck in Cobham with a fall in the group behind me. Luckily for all there were no serious injuries but while we were stopped everyone commented how slippery the roads were hence we took the corners more easily from now on. The pace seemed to pick up towards Oxshot and then into Epson with riders going out the back. The slow uphill from Epson to Burgh Heath via the Drift Bridge picked off a few more riders. I would have been one had the front bunch not been caught as some temporary traffic lights.

Then the blast down the A217 was great the group was now 10 and I was clinging to the back of it on my trusty tourer 38mph down past Belmont and Cheam but then on the final climb to Rosehill I was finally kicked out the back finishing 2 minutes behind the group.

The other two riders from Molesey both did not finish. One never intended to, the other went off to quickly and then blew in the hills, got lost and went home.

Great ride really pleased I made the effort this morning.

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