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OpenSolaris Appliances

January 25, 2006

The OpenSolaris Appliances community is a go! So now it is time to start building some kit.

First step will be to get some consensus on which motherboards to base this around. I suspect there is also going to be some discussion around what appliances we want to build.

I want to build something that is not dissimilar in function to a Cobalt Qube 3 pro, except OpenSolaris as the base OS rather than Linux. In particular using ZFS to allow snapshots to be widely used and greater confidence in the integrity of the data.

My starting list of services would be:

  • Web Server

  • Mail Server, SMTP and IMAP

  • NAS server SMB and NFS

  • Print Server

  • Firewall

  • Nameserver DNS and LDAP

  • DHCP Server

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  1. I could not agree more. Actaully we have some ideas about using ZFS to do the replication using exactly what you describe.
    For me though the starting point is what I descibe, but the hardware needs have the possibility to do more in the future.
    Probably best to move this discussion onto <a hreg=”″>applicances discuss.

  2. The mail solution should have spam filtering. I’d be interested in looking at some information management tools, a blog or wiki.

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