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Envy and the winter tool kit

January 18, 2006

Today I scored two firsts.

  1. I envied the owner of a deck chair.
  2. I envied the owner of a tricycle. (It is just possible as a young child this has happened before but I don’t recall it).

I am of course talking about Alec’s Trice which arrived today.

It brings me to the topic of my winter tool kit, since despite Alec’s best preparations the chain link tool he had was about as much use as a chocolate tea pot. Luckily I had ridden to work, ok that was not lucky but just what I do, but I had my winter tool kit which contains everything pictured.

Starting at the top left we have a spare folding tyre. I carry this since in the dark it is often impossible to find the thing that has caused the puncture in the tyre so it is easier just to swap tyres and sort it out when you get home.

Moving clockwise we have the very excellent Var tyre lever. Helps fitting as well as removing the tyre.

Then two lengths of chain joined in a circle with those excellent SRAM powerlinks, despite the fact that I have not mastered the knack of opening them. This is more than enough to solve any road side problems with the chain.

Next I have a Topeak Alien multi-tool. This is the tool of the day as it actually has a chain tool that works and works well. I have version one of the tool which you can no longer get. I have found it excellent, the blade has been a great help to break the ice on the cycle lockers when cold.

The I have some cable ties, as I have said before these are just so useful when things have gone pear shaped.

Finally an inner tube. I actually carry three.

Not shown is the pump which is on the bike and is a Zefal HPX, accept no substitute.


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One Comment
  1. alecm permalink

    That *was* MacFarlane’s linkbreaker; I shall make sure to get one that works, possibly take some old chain along to test in the shop…

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