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To Henfold and a Christmas Tree

January 8, 2006

First ride of the New Year for Molesey BBT saw six leave Molesey for Epson, with one turning back before Epson then five more continued on over Epson Downs, Headley, down Pebble Coombe, towards Newdigate and Henfold Lakes. The Cafe at Henfold was closed so we pushed on to the Blu Moon Cafe having lost one more rider and gained another.

Then it was back in the very light rain to Molesey shedding riders on the way as they opted for their cars or the short way to their home.

53 miles for me.

On arriving home I just had to pop to the recycling with the Christmas tree, on the triplet which worked really well. Except the recycling centre was not accepting Christmas trees this year. So much for all the radio and TV adverts telling us to recycle the things.

Anyway the site of a Christmas tree on the back of a bike turned a few heads, but the aerodynamics of it left a lot to be desired. At least the car is not full of needles.

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  1. Great picture, Chris! <small>(Though you might want to spell-check the text!)</small> Happy New Year!

  2. Well done for trying recycling your tree. Shame on those who put there’s in a car and leave it on a grass verge a mile or so down the road… Shame on your council for not recyling trees in your area…

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