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January cycling bonk.

January 7, 2006

It must be a January thing. I bonked twice this week on the way home, first time I had an energy bar and limped home second time I was close to home, I’d even had a banana before I left. The odd thing is that it is almost exactly a year since this first happened and I had no problems all summer. It must be the cold.

Goodness knows how you cycle in Alaska in winter, but at least Jill has an excuse for bonking, leaving on a ride after work as it gets dark, in snow, it’s almost enough to make me want a mountain bike.

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  1. Chris,
    The cold air is ‘sapping’ energy while one breathes.
    Today brought excellent weather (warm and calm winds) for fine cycling.
    Debut of my 2006 bicycles will be this May at a Southern Motorcycle Event.
    Independent Fabrication (U.S.) and BAUM (AU) are trialing REYNOLDS new 953 SS frameset tubing.
    As in CF, wait for the ‘failure’ reports!
    Leave an ‘unpainted’ CF product in Earth’s atmosphere and view the catastrophic results.

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