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Cycling Santa

December 18, 2005

Thirteen Santas seen again cycling through Surbiton, Kingston, Richmond, Twickenham and Hampton for the fifth annual Molesey BBT Santa run. One more Santa than last year.

Once again not all Santas made it into the photo due to some of the smaller one being in the Cafe warming up!

We now have a break as there will be no Cycling on Christmas day, unless I have to test ride my Christmas present, well I can dream.

If you want to see a good list of presents to get a cyclist then pop over to the Fat Cyclist although I would scratch the helmet from the list, not for the usual reason of them being useless and unnecessary but for the same reason he says don’t buy shoes or bikes. Helmets are very personal.

He did IMO miss one absolute winner of a suggestion for a road cyclist and that is a pair of wheels. All you have to know is whether your rider is a Campag person or the other kind. Then if you get them a “cheap” pair of wheels they can be used as a winter training set but much better would be a really expensive pair with almost no spokes at all.

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  1. Chris – is there any relevance in your Santa suit being ‘striped’. Do Santas who wear striping suits come from a different part of the world ?

  2. Yes from Wormwood Scrubs;-)

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