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Hats and Bus Drivers

December 16, 2005

This years riding a bike while inappropriately dressed season has started and should culminate on Sunday with the Molesey BBT Santa Run. That is all of the Molesey BBT cyclists meeting at 9am in Molesey dressed as Santa and then going for a short ride.

As a warm up act I did the second annual “Riding home while wearing the paper hat out of a Christmas Cracker” last night. This year I was more confident that the hat would survive and it did.

It did not however instill any Christmas cheer in the Bus driver who hooted me and gesticulated that I should not be on the road as there is one of those suicide shared use paths next to the road. I was only doing 20mph which delayed him getting caught in the traffic jam in Weybridge by no more than 10 seconds. I did give him a cheery wave as I cycled past once he was installed in said traffic jam and then did not see the bus again. Seems a shame a “professional” driver does not know the law or the highway code or that in traffic you stand no chance whatsoever of being faster than a cyclist through town.

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