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Cold cold ride

December 11, 2005

Only three riders out this morning due to the temperature being 0ºC but that did not stop one rider being out in shorts!

Due to the cold and therefore the risk of ice we planned to keep to the main roads as they would have been gritted. Out from Molesey to Byfleet then left past Pyrford with the Old Abbey rising out of the fog it was not the last time on the ride I wished I had a camera. Then up to the Cafe at Newlands Corner. After breakfast we dropped down towards Shere and then back up Coombe Bottom for the second amazing view of the day. There was a massive column of cloud or smoke rising up and over London which was clearly visible from the North Downs. Only when I heard the news did I realize what we had seen.

The return journey was on more minor roads in the belief that things would have warmed and so would be clear of ice. We were wrong though no harm was done just some exciting slides.

Got home from what turned out to be a short run at just 43 miles.

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