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Safety Statistics

November 29, 2005

If it was not so serious it would be funny: from uk.rec.cycling again.

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  1. i think Australia’s kids are not aware of sun safetey so i thought we could have more ads to show what can happen

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t think we offer enough to help children to try to remember about sun safety. I’m 14 now and can remember a couple or years back when the toucan used to sing the sun safety song and I’ve never forgotten it. I use it as a reference in high school during health classes and it is sooooo much better than those gross adds with people being ripped apart they just scare me more than anything else. It’s the same with smoking. Education about it helped, not gross pictures half the kids who watch those adds have no clue about what they mean because they’re too grossed out by the picture. I babysit alot and find that most children don’t understand without something eye catching or a jingle thats idiot proof and not so speedy.

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