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Tightening a Rivnut

November 27, 2005

At the end of the summer my Principia Rex Pro Summer bike developed a rattle. After a bit of investigation it was clear that it was the water bottle cage and no amount of tightening would help as the threaded hole into which it was fitted could clearly be seen moving in the frame. Needless to say I was not best pleased about this. As there was no obvious way to solve this. I found out the fitting was known as a “rivnut” but sill not much help as to how to tighten one. Another expensive tool sprang to mind, until today.

Reading uk.rec.cycling there was a thread that had the solution. (At the time of writing the solution has not yet made it into Google groups).

Get a long bolt that fits the rivnut and a nut for that bolt and a washer. Put the nut on the bolt and spin it up the bolt to the bolt head. Not tight. Then put on the washer and screw the whole thing into the rivnut. Now hold the bolt still with in my case and allen key and then “undo” the nut so that it is pushing down on the frame. This compresses the rivnut and then all is well. It certainly seems to have worked.

Very happy.

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  1. Chris,
    Excellent solution!
    Had you considered using LOCTITE (Henkel) product to replace or snug that pesky ‘rivnut’ fitting?
    (Old enough to have worked with ‘true’ metalsmiths, not many remain.)
    My 2006 ‘Trellis’ cycle project (design) is almost finished, saves 25-33% in total vehicle mass.
    Optimized for ‘crosswind’ conditions.

  2. I don’t think you should use this technique to install rivnuts. The tool should install them correctly. It is only if once installed they can be tightened again using this technique.

  3. If you can fab a small bracket or metal strap, you can then turn the screw to install the rivnut much easier. The trick is to not allow the rivnut body to rotate while collapsing.
    There are tools available for $40-70 USD from regional distributors.Some solution is available everywhere in the world.

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