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November 11, 2005

I’ve always thought that cycling is addictive, but I’m beginning to think it could also be infectious.

All my children cycle, though I admit that is more because they have little choice as I don’t like driving when I could ride.

However in the office area where I sit there are 12 people. One cycles all the time, me, three cycle to work regularly one of them 16 miles and most pleasing of all someone who I would regard as a confirmed Petrol head is now cycling as well. 5 out of 12 people using bikes to get to work even now it has got dark.

When I started cycling to work there was just me.

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One Comment
  1. Chris,
    YOU started something!
    Now only a few million more in the UK to convince!
    Windy (15-20mph) and cold (45) now, biking at night (this past summer) allows me to better listen for mechanical and/or road noise.
    Continuing my daily ride, engineering next years bicycle employing new technology and knowledge learned these past years.
    MASERATI is not the only one to employ many small tubes in chassis construction, novel stuff!

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