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It could have been worse…

November 9, 2005

The bill to imprison without trial was amended to “only” allow detention for upto 28 days, small comfort to those who loose there liberty and are then not even charged, but it could have been worse if Tony had had is his way.

What I don’t understand is how he could have lost so badly. Did they not know how many were going to vote against? What were the whips doing?

Or did he as Geoff wonders want to be defeated?

Now about those ID cards…..

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  1. Hi,
    Can you send me the files that you used to create your “recent postings” on the right of your blog? Plus how did you get the Links section to show more than just your blogroll? Thanks

  2. The referers are displayed using:


    In them sideColumn file.
    To get extra catagories you have to just edit the catagories tab.

  3. ebtesam permalink

    it could have been worse

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