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Twice in two weeks

November 5, 2005

The end of the week was send askew by me working from home on Thursday and failing to un redirect my office phone when I should have stopped work.

So at 7:30pm the phone rings and it is an engineer in the US who is having a problem with running the AMD 64 binary of a program I look after. Fortunately it turned out the 32 bit version was all that was required for the particular test. However I then had the problem of my binary, a very late night, and the problem was resolved by not using gcc but instead using the Sun Compiler which was not available when I did the original port.

That however means testing all the options, which turned out another bug (not in my code) that had to be investigated and reported.

So finally I got around to doing the testing I was supposed to be doing lon Friday morning ate on Friday afternoon, not a problem as the code is perfect, or not. Yet again I have to stop work on a Friday with a but hanging over me until Monday. While She was out, taperty tap tap tap on the Sun Ray, found it and fixed it or so I hope.

I’m going to recover some of the "overtime" on Tuesday as She has booked me a personal shopper in an attempt to make me wear something that does not embarrass. I’ m looking forward to it.

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