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October 29, 2005

The trouble with programming, at least for me, is that I have to be in the right frame of mind for it and when in that mindset nothing, well nearly nothing, will stop me.

I’m currently working on a closed source (sigh) driver that needs a degree of hardening to survive another failure mode of the hardware and or firmware that is very occasionally seen. Since it is a closed bin I’m erring on the side of not giving to much away in case it turns out I have to shoot all the people who read this, OK, so I don’t want to shoot myself.

My problems started on Thursday when I finally have the solution in my mind, Friday I coded, built and booted and crashed. Worked late Friday, booted kmdb (just how cool is kmbd, a symbolic kernel debugger), and solved the first coding error, but had to go out for one of the things that will stop me, last Friday of the month beer.

Then it is Saturday and the problem is still gnawing at me. Taperty tap tap tap at the keyboard and I’m logged in on my Sun Ray looking at the kmdb session. Taperty taperty tap and the coding error is found new boot environment booted curtesy of live upgrade, one of the kernel developers greatest friends

Last time I looked the driver is working well under extreme load, so now I should be able to go cycling tomorrow without it interfering.

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One Comment
  1. Chris,
    Hesitant to admit it, but some of my best ideas occur between ‘dodging’ others during cycling.
    This weather (43F – NNW at 12MPH) is indeed tiring, feeling my age.
    Sunday is forecast to be 63F – NWW at 10-20MPH, beats RAIN!
    Enjoy a safe ride tomorrow, more code awaits you afterwards!

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