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Product of the week.

October 22, 2005

The product of the week is the Minoura workstand. I bought this off a colleague who is moving to the US and since it his heavy did not want to take it. My previous workstand held the bike under the bottom bracket which had the distinct disadvantage that it would foul the gear cables making adjustment impossible. However I never quite got around to replacing it, until this week. It also stood no chance of holding the triplet.

As “luck” would have it I got to use the new stand today as the triplet got a puncture I was able to get home and then just wondered how good this workstand really is. Well it is as good as in the picture. Lifting the bike up there was more of a challenge but not impossible (note to self, next time watch the middle chain so you don’t ruin another shirt). Once up there I was able to carry out all the usual bits of bike tweaking you would expect. New tube in the front tyre, adjust the gears so I can now get into top gear. While I never even thought about the triplet when I bought this I can now see that it could be this bike that benefits most. It’s very hard to adjust the gears on it without a stand as the levers are just so far away from the gears.

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