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Beautiful Day for Riding.

October 16, 2005

Only four left Molesey but we picked up two in Weybridge including a new rider with great taste in bikes, his Principia is a year older than mine and has 9 speed Campagnolo group set. We went out to the Surrey hills. Over Coombe Bottom, as we climbed through the mist we broke out into the Sunshine and a wall of heat hit us, it was just fantastic, I could have happily gone on for an all day ride. Alas I had to be back early. From Coombe Bottom down and through Shere and round back up Pitch Hill. Then breakfast in the Lucky Duck and a sprint home back over Coombe Bottom again. On the way home I got a call to tell me that I did not need to be back early after all. So the sprint was all for nothing.

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  1. William R. Walling permalink

    Cycling in 20+MPH winds is A FITNESS TEST!
    Reviewing ‘gear’ fitment on metro-bicycles.

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