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Id cards and the Terrorism act.

September 29, 2005

Robin pointed out the Labour Party is busy trying to make it self look by ejecting and then detaining an 81 year old party member from their conference. I have no problem with that, they are welcome to make themselves look stupid. The bit that gets me is that this man was then detained under the terrorism act. Now this man was so patently not a terrorist how could the Police use the act to detain him? Well because all they have to do is say he might be and then they can.

So what’s this got to do with Identity cards?

When the terrorism act was going through parliament we were told that it would only rarely be used and not to suppress demonstrations. Yet is is used to detain an 81 year old. This illustrates that the authorities will use any power they have to do anything they wish to. In the case of ID cards that will include criminalising any one not carrying one (no I don’t believe that they won’t force us to carry them). We should not give them any more authority.

I simply don’t trust the government (of any political persuasion) that much.

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