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Highway Code Rules 47 -49

September 26, 2005

Rules 47-49 cover cycle routes, tracks and lanes. I’ve yet to find a cycle track that would be sensible to use. Most accidents involving cyclists occur a junctions, but cycle routes and lanes generally increase the number of junctions and places where the cyclist will be in conflict with other traffic and pedestrians. This expains why cycle lanes are actually more dangerous than roads. See and . So these rules:

47: Use cycle routes when practicable. They can make your journey safer.

48: Cycle Tracks. These are normally located away from the road, but may occasionally be found alongside footpaths or pavements. Cyclists and pedestrians may be segregated or they may share the same space (unsegregated). When using segregated tracks you MUST keep to the side intended for cyclists. Take care when passing pedestrians, especially children, elderly or disabled people, and allow them plenty of room. Always be prepared to slow down and stop if necessary.
Law HA 1835 sect 72

49: Cycle Lanes. These are marked by a white line (which may be broken) along the carriageway (see Rule 119). Keep within the lane wherever possible.

Would be reducede to this:

47: Great care should be exercised when using cycle lanes, paths and tracks. Be especially careful as at junctions as you will no longer be where other vehicles expect you to be. Be aware of driveways that cross the cycle route. Be very careful of pedestrians that can change direction suddenly. Be aware of dogs. Do not feel you have to cycle on cycle lanes when there is a perfectly good road. Do not even consider using cycle paths if you are intending to travel at more than 12mph.

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