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Testing a chain to Petworth

September 25, 2005

Today we cycled to Petworth. One of our number was cycling to Whittering to meet his family and was then driving back, so a few of us decided to cycle down with him, find a Cafe and cycle back. We split from the rest of the Molesey BBT group at the top of Coombe Bottom and then met another rider in Dunsfold. He was riding his commuting bike. Straight handlebars, no front gears, slick tires and what looked like hydraulic brakes. Being a daily commuter he was very able to push the pace on the flat.

For me it was also a check out of a new chain that I had installed on my summer bike. I had taken the advice I was given in Italy and replaced the chain after 2000 miles rather than 4000 and therefore not spend £120 on a new cassette. The hope of reducing the running expenses of the bike being high on my thoughts after the costs of fixing my winter bike. The bike worked flawlessly so I’m feeling happy about that.

We found a suitable Cafe in Petworth after a nice man gave us directions. He could have added that it is the shop with all the bikes parked outside. Tiffins of Petworth scored 8/10 for their Tea and Beans on Toast, which is a very good score. Nice large pots of Tea and good beans on toast, a bit pricey though. Here the two continuing to Whittering went on and three of us returned via the lanes to Shere and back to home.

Next week will be a 7:30 start rather than 7 as it is just a bit dark at 7 now.

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