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Recovering the Qube

September 24, 2005

After the successful carriage of the Qube 3 home on Monday and the subsequent trashing of it by installing a patch in the wrong order I had a warm brick. Unfortunatly to get it in a state where I can uses it I need to get the OS running again but the install CD requires a system with a network card is so old that none of the computers I have have one.

So even getting to first base is not going to be easy. Then I realised that if I trashed the disks completely I could use the old Qube I had to turn each one into a mirror of the original system, plus it is all patched and ready to go. Then delete the users, the dupicated data and fix the networking and I have two working Qubes.

Trashing the disks was done by booting Schillix on a PC with the main disk removed and replaced by the disks from the Qube. Then format analyse compare to both trash the disks and make sure that they are working.

Why? Well the long term intention is to move to a Solaris based system but since I have had to spend a load of cash on fixing up my bike this will have to wait. With both qubes I now have a hot spare if the hardware fails and a system I can do backups to to protect the users. I’m still toying with trying to get OpenSolaris running on one, as despite the slowness of the Qube they are very adequate for being a home server.

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  1. Terry Jones permalink

    Chris, I had the same problem and after searching for a compatable card bought a suitable PCMCIA card on eBay for 50p + 85p shipping. It worked perfectly! Terry

  2. Chris – I have a noob Qube question, and it sounds like you are the man to ask… how do you get to a command line interface on the Qube? Can you let me know via robin dot wilton at sun dot com?
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Thanks, I will be looking for a PCMCIA card.
    As to the the command line login. Enable telnet access on web interface and then install the ssh package from and then ssh into the qube (you would not use telnet obviously)!

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