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Bike back together

September 17, 2005

At last my winter bike is back on the road. It had three cracks in it: the forks, the chainset and the pannier rack. All of these have been replaced, in the case of the forks this has also meant a new headset, stem and front brake. Here is the complete list of parts:

  • Forks

  • headset

  • front brake

  • Handlebar stem.

  • Handlebar Tape

  • Chainset

  • Chain

  • Cassette

  • Rear Derailer

  • Gear and Brake Cables

  • Pannier rack.

  • Rear Tyre and inner tube.

  • Bridge for the rear mudguard.

I also wanted to get new brake hoods for it but have been unable to source any that will fit my Shimano 105 levers and have the buttons for the old style flightdeck computer.

It would seem that seven years and over 25000 miles quite a lot of a bike can be worn out. The only original parts left on this bike are the frame (but not it’s paint), the front gear change, the saddle, seat pin, handlebars and brifters (brake and gear levers).

I’ve been both impressed and disappointed with Shimano. Impressed by their innovation, the chain set is the first one I have owned with self extracting cranks. The simplicity of the solution is wonderful leaving you wondering why no one thought of it earlier. Disappointed with the lack of spares. The rear changer only needed a new cable adjuster (though the old one did have a lot of play) but mostly the lack of brake hoods.

It will get it’s first commute on Monday as the return journey yesterday was getting a bit too dark not to have lights. It seems the Summer is over.


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One Comment
  1. William R. Walling permalink

    A FINE Piece!
    Recall, ‘Dated need not imply junk, just seasoned!’

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