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Forking lucky.

September 9, 2005

At last my frame is back, more on that later, with it I have the old forks back and can see with some horror the crack. This photo is taken from where the axle of the wheel would be looking up the steerer. There is a similar, if smaller crack on the other side.

The consequence of the fork breaking in use does not bear thinking. It seems all the regular tweaking of my bikes needs to include and even better inspection of things like the forks.

The frame now has new forks and now I no longer have a cantilever brake on the front but instead long drop dual pivot side pull.


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  1. William R. Walling permalink

    If I may ask, how old is this damaged fork or miles deployed?
    A critical manufacturing and use issue with carbon product is ‘hidden’ de-lamination.
    My friend died when a carbon brake rotor failed then locked the front wheel of his cycle (Daytona 1995).
    Glad you identified and corrected this safety problem!

  2. The forks were seven years old and have had ate least 25,000 miles on them.
    I’m still slightly surprised that they were cracked since I am the only person to have ridden the bike and it has never been crashed. It has however reinforced the need to regularly inspect the forks for damage.

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