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The sneaker net post from yesterday

August 3, 2005

I’m still can’t hear you. A day at home waiting of BT to fix an ADSL router. The new one was delivered and installed early, which meant I was not here to give the thumbs up, but what kind of “engineer” would leave site without making sure you could connect to the Internet through a router? A BT one.

So another fun time through the maze of twisty tunnels that is BT support and a very nice man called Michael talked me through the ping command (using the IP address as there was no danger of name resolution) and then the trace command on Windows. Being basically an honest person I again confessed to not running Windows but for once that did not seem to through him into a fit of screaming and the output of trace route, which stopped at the ironically name “router”convinced him, well after I had tried two computers, convinced him that it was a set up issue with the router. This can’t be fixed by him so I am now waiting for someone to call me back and tell me they have either: Fixed it remotely, since they have already admitted that my router is being seen by them or come round and issued the right incantations to the box here.

The temptation to use the fact that this is a Efficient networks router and therefore the method to get in to it is widely known since it is documented on the manual to login and take a look via the console is proving difficult to resist. I suppose BT would stop supporting me if I did that. Hard to see a downside.

Anyway all this waiting gave me the impetus to burn Schilix onto a CD and boot it on the house Windows PC (which just as it happens is the only system that has an easily accessible serial port with in a cable reach of the router). Seems pretty cool being able to boot OpenSolaris of CDROM and get access to the tip(1) command.

Now where is that paper clip…..

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