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La La La I can’t hear you

August 1, 2005

Like Tim before me I’m offline due to BT. The router has failed. Fifty five minutes on the phone, yes it is switched on, yes I have changed the fuse, yes the IP address of the router is, well it was, no I’m not running XP, I’m running Solaris. Yes Solaris. How the IP address or the operating system of my Sun Ray effects the router being as dead as a Norweagan blue is beyond me. Have there been any storms in the area? Frankly I don’t care There had not, but there have now, having just cycled through one as I could not work from home.

“When you would like the engineer to come?”, “First thing Monday morning.”, “Right the engineer will be along at 10:30 Tuesday”. Now why they could not just stick a new one in the post is beyond me. I will therefore be late to work on Tuesday while I await the BT engineer.

Time to look for a different ADSL solution that does not have me tied to this “support”.

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  1. I was offline for a week when my router broke. BT were apparently very busy doing new installations and couldn’t get to me in any shorter period (and the router requires a PhD in voodoo to get it working properly, so they couldn’t just send one out).
    I think what I found most irritating was that Sun doesn’t appear to have any sort of service level agreement with BT, so if our ADSL line goes out we join the back of the queue. Hrmph!

  2. when dealing with telco’s its best to lie to first level people, no use confusing them with anwsers, not on there troubleshooting script, just had to deal with them last week, when my adsl line had an average uptime of 5 minutes, and the problem was obviously the line, because the lights on the modem was supposed to stay solid, but the center light would go solid for 5 minutes then start blinking. yet i was still forced to verity my OS, my hardware, etc. untill they were happy that there questions were anwsered. I admit it would of been funny to hear them complain that my system won’t work when its the same Sun hardware that is in the C.O., but i decided i wanted my problem solved more than a good laugh. My problem turned out to be a corroded phone line, plus a flakey line filter.

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