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Saturday Ride

July 16, 2005

Despite many saying they were up for it the ride ended up being just two people. We rode out via Epson over the Downs, Headly Heath and down Pebble Coombe, which was completely spoilt by Cars meaning I had to brake and so the top speed was just 43mph.

Then off to Newdigate for Breakfast at Henfold Lakes, which it turned out was closed, so the Blu Moon Cafe was the alternative.

While at the Cafe, Paul got out his GPS all singing all dancing PDA which he was “testing” and programmed it to get us a route home that did not involve the M25. Neat piece of Kit, I look forward to receiving mine as payment for helping in the “test”. Seriously I hope to get some really geeky maps of our routes from this.

Anyway we ignored the GPS and went home over Leath Hill, which was just a tad sadistic as Paul’s bike is somewhat over geared so going up hills is done using brute force on what looked like a 42×21, which would be easy for Trevor but there are easier ways. None the less there was no getting off and pushing. Then down to Abinger Hammer along to Gomshal up Coombe Bottom and home via Cobham and Esher.

As we got to Esher Green I spied a cyclist stopped with his tyre off. So we went over to offer any assistance we could. Which turned out to be plenty as he could not find the whole in the tube and did not have a spare. So I sold him a spare, (how much is a spare tube when you have one and Jonny stranger does not have one an needs one) found the whole, which looked like a manufacturing defect chatted for a bit, told him about our Sunday rides, which he said he would be up for and exchanged mobile numbers (good job I did not take advantage of the opportunity to charge over the odds for that tube).

Then it was off home and hopefully watch todays Stage of the Tour.

65 miles at 16.8mph which is not bad at all, and makes this weeks mileage a more respectable 220.

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