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Tool Kit

July 10, 2005

What do you have in your tool kit? I have finally given up having one took kit for all bikes and each bike has it’s own kit. This is mostly so I don’t find I’ve left the tool kit on another bike when I really need it but it also means that I have the right spares for each bike in the kit. I should be able to fix all obvious failures that might occur and prevent me getting home.

This is my summer bike kit for commuting. Starting in the top left corner. Two spare inner tubes, only one pictured. The right tubes for this bike, so that is long valves. Patches and glue, while my policy is not to repair tubes if I have more than two punctures on a ride it would be embarrassing to have to call for help.

Next a short run of chain, the right chain for the bike in question. Ideally I have a “power link” that can be fitted without tools. I’ve not got one for the summer bike yet as I usually keep the link from the old chain as a spare. Since the last chain was fitted by the shop I forgot to recover it and they then put a chain on which did not have the link.

Next is a multi tool which has all the usual Allen keys and screw drivers. Below them are the spanners. I could leave these out as they are not needed but on Sundays you never know when someone might need them.

The CO2 inflator. I also carry a short pump incase of multiple punctures, not shown.

Then the great VAR tyre lever, great for getting tyres back on without pinching and when you are cold or wet or knackered or all three.

Then at the bottom in the middle is the chain tool, strictly the 10 speed chain can’t be fixed but in practice it can well enough to get me home (or at least that’s what I hope).

Finally in the bottom left hand corner is the Park Tyre boot. Having a cashless office means that relying on having cash to plug a split is unwise.

Things that I don’t carry: Brake and gear cables. You can get home without gears, and you only need one brake to get home. Plus brake cables should be checked so often you never get them breaking.

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