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Move on, nothing to see

July 7, 2005

I wanted to make no comment about todays events but: I agree.

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  1. Steve permalink

    You want to know why? Here’s why. Because for a substantial – and apparently growing – number of Muslims:

    These are men for whom no meaningful law has been passed in centuries. Democracy holds no appeal, and is in fact a breach of their beliefs. They argue that the continued American occupation of Iraq is less concerned with ensuring stability and security than it is a cover to Westernise the country by stealth.”Let us practise our religion properly, not according to you – it has to be according to the Koran,” says the group’s spokesman. “In our religion, they don’t have democracy. When we say democracy, it means we are making a partner with Allah in making laws. Allah does not need a partner. That’s why we don’t believe in democracy.”One of Allah’s names is ‘the lawmaker’. From him we take the law. In our religion we got plenty (of law)…”Our religion fills the time and fills the space. Our religion does not need any other say. …Seeking judgement from other than Allah, you become a disbeliever. That’s why we don’t believe in international law.”

  2. The point is we need to look at our actions to make sure we do not create more breeding grounds for extremists.
    If young people feel that they are oppressed and have nothing to loose then they can be more easily lead into terrible acts than if they feel they have a future.
    The short term answer, as carried out so far and supported by my Government, is to send the military in. What we need are long term solutions that reduce the numbers willing to follow the extremists within their religion, what ever religion they follow.

  3. Totally agree Chris. We are shocked by violence from Islamic extremists, and rightfully so, but we do not critically examine the result of the violence we inflict in exchange. It’s very worrying.

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