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School Cycling Policy.

July 5, 2005

Last week when I was collecting my daughter from school I had to wait around a bit for her. No news there, so I was in the Foyer of the school where I find a pile of "School Policies" for public consumption. All well and good and I start reading them.

Then I came to one that really caught my eye: "Cycling Policy"

I read it, calmed down, read it again, collected daughter hopped on the triplet and went home fuming.

There was no "Driving to School Policy", no “Walking to School” Policy, no “Going on a scooter”, “roller skating” or “catching a bus” policies. However cycling is singled out, while all the above, with the possible exception of the bus are used by children to get to the school, and most of them are more dangerous than cycling.

I don’t believe the school has a right to dictate how I transport my children to school. If it is legal then the choice is the parents not the schools. If they don’t have the right then they should not try and claim that right. To do so is to attempt to bully. Oddly they do have an anti bullying policy. I also found it profoundly disturbing that the policy would actually prevent me from taking the kids to school on the triplet. You can’t go anywhere on the triplet without being noticed and I’ve being going to school on it for two years. So they did not even think: “Will this policy stop our most committed cyclist?” or perhaps they did. (The two clauses that would stop me were: Everyone who cycles has to have passed the cycling Proficiency test. You have to wear a helmet. O.k For £60 I could get helmets for the kids but the training for a six year old is out.)

Anyway I left it a full week to get the blood pressure down and fired off an email to the head. (She must have a good spam filter as it took me less than 5 minutes with google to find her email address).

A bit of to and fro and the Policy is now only a draft.

So I was able to pick the kids up with out breaking the policy.

Anyway I thought I would draft a real pro cycling policy.

The School encourages Cycling as a safe and affordable means of getting to and from School with minimal impact on the environment. Parents are responsible for the safe transport of children to school. The school has just three rules about cycles that are left on the School premises and some advice for Parents about safe cycling.


  1. Cycles can be stored on school premises during school hours but only in the designated areas. The school is not responsible for any cycles left at the school.

  2. Cycles should not be ridden on School Premises.

  3. Cycles should be legal and well maintained.


  1. The school strongly advises that children cycling to school are properly supervised

  2. If controlling their own bike have had and passed adequate training, like the Cycling Proficiency Test. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children can adequately control their cycle. They should make sure that the child can stop in a controlled fashion using both brakes.

  3. Wearing bright and or reflective clothing to make cyclists more conspicuous to other road users an is encouraged.

  4. Cycles left at the School should be locked with a sturdy lock.

  5. Cycle helmets can be stored in the designated areas in the school.

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One Comment
  1. Jan Nelson permalink

    Busy setting up a cycling to school policy as part of the School Travel Plan. Your comments re other forms of transport policies are noted and have made me think that your pro cycling policy is the way that I will go. Thank you

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