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Expensive Saturday

July 2, 2005

I’ve finally got around to taking my winter bike apart and shipping the frame off to the bike shop to get the top tube fixed. Some nasty ripples in the paint on the top tube as well as the rust forced my hand. So they will strip back the paint and tell me the bad news. It also needs a new dropout as one of the adjusters is rusted in and broke when I tried to remove it. I may ask them to install veritcal dropouts to remove the adjusters completely.

The colour is still undecided, bright would be good for the visability but would show the dirt, which in winter is plentiful.Retroreflective paint or decals are also a possiblity. I have time to make that decision.

As I have the thing in bits I have taken the time to give all the components a good clean and inspection. I was already replacing the chain and cassette since they have done 4000 miles, but when cleaning the crank I noticed a crack in the crank barely 3mm long. You can just see it in the centre of the photo if you look at it full size, where the crank meets the spider.

While I’m not sure this is going to be a terminal crack a new chainset seems inevitable, well I was putting new rings on anyway.

So the whole shopping list is: Chainset, rear mech, cassette, chain, cables, brake lever hoods, brake blocks and handle bar tape. Plus the fixed up frame, and just checking the milage for the log a new battery for the computer. An expensive Saturday.


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