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A get you home tip

June 29, 2005

Top cycling tip. If you are ever out cycling and you get a split in your tyre and you don’t have a Park Tyre Boot or a spare tyre.

Try wrapping your inner tube at the point where the split in the tyre is with folding money eg a five pound note. The paper used for most currency is very strong and can be used as a get you home measure. I actually did this with a 100 Franc note a number of years ago. It lasted 20km before I found a bike shop.

I even used the note to pay the bike shop who kindly insisted on fitting the new tyre for me.

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  1. And if you don’t have that, the wrapper from a nutrition bar of some sort can work as well!

  2. William R. Walling permalink

    I use a previously ‘slimed’ tire tubes.
    The Discovery Channel is starting their ‘Armstrong’s Last Ride’ series, features an interesting method for ‘aging’ his tires!
    (LA’s tires are aged 7-8 years.)
    Apparently, the adhesive used during fabrication of each tire requires additional time to become pliable.
    States his bicycle mechanic.

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