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Id cards bill to get second reading

June 28, 2005

Today we get the second reading of the ID cards bill.

The Home Secretary claims there will be no compulsion to show the ID on the street. Odd that the bill does not actually rule that out.

The claim is that this will “tackle serious and organised crime, although not street crime”. Are we really being asked to believe that serious crime is being perpetrated by people who the authorities can not already identify, and that a plastic card, that you don’t have to carry is going to change that?

I’m left wondering what the real reason for introducing the cards is. It’s not to prevent terrorism, it’s not to prevent street crime, it is not so save money and I just don’t by the serious crime claim either. Unless we are moving to a society where every transaction with the government will require the card, and while you are at it, to get the money launderers every transaction with a bank. Then the scheme would have some merit. Obviously civil liberties would be lost and we would live in both a socially and financially poorer society, but the politicians could keep a track on us.

Just what we want, and well worth £100 a head, or not.


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  1. Calum Mackay permalink

    It also allows them a national fingerprint database, since that’s one of the biometrics they require for the ID card.

  2. Alas Dave an ID card won’t help you. Unless every estate agent in the country is equipped with a reader they will only be as good as a passport or a driving license are today.

    If on the other hand your estate agent has the biometric reader then, according to the Governments own estimates it will get it wrong some of the time. Now consider how hard it will be to assert your identity if the biometric system says it is not you? Even if they could get it right 99% of the time this is unacceptable.
    That does not even start to cover the liberty issues of the Government knowing everytime you use the card or being criminalised for not carrying it.
    The French cards are not backed by a national database of all citizens.

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