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Guest rider does well

June 26, 2005

Today we welcomed one of my friends from Camp Dads who is cycling from Paris to London for Great Ormond Street childrens hospital. So for some practice he was out on his old mountain bike with road tyres and Shimano SPD-R pedals. To protect his identity I will refer to him as Paul.

Since the mountain bike was going to be a problem if we went fast on the flat we headed off to the hills around Shere, which meant that the mountain bike which was heavy was a challenge.

After breakfast in Shere we went up Coombe Bottom and as usually happens up there we spilt up. Four of us were waiting at the top when the fifth reported that Paul had done the “snap the chain then I will be able to call to be rescued trick and get away from these people”. Alas Paul was not aware of the tool kit I have for exactly this situation. Why let your victim get off lightly abandon your friend in the middle of nowhere. So it was out with the chain tool and so as not to get my hands dirty, fix the chain while getting Paul to hold all the greasy bits.

Aparently the bike has recently been serviced, in which case I won’t be using that bike shop. They had not even bothered to clean the chain.

As we cycled back talk turned to the real fix, new chain and cassette or block. Better still get them connected to a frame, wheels and other bits. Nice ride ended up doing 50 miles round trip from Molesey with lots of hills.



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